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The product is an inorganic powder coating that can be used to clean the surface of the finish mortar



Inorganic Powder Coating is LATICRETE patented technology research and development of cement-based single component coating. Using natural inorganic pigment deployment, with a fine texture, rich colors, waterproof impermeability and anti-fouling self-cleaning characteristics. Can improve the color of the mortar system uniformity and appearance of the durability, and can be accompanied by different colors and materials of the phosphor, showing a fantastic special decorative effect.

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Merkmale und Vorteile

Excellent stain resistance Superior water resistance Enhanced color durability Enviornment-friendly. Zero VOC.



Verfügbare Farben
Teil eines Systems
Verfügbarkeit nach Land China, People's Republic of, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Korea, South, Macau, China, Mongolia, Taiwan, China
Geeignete Untergründe
Packungsgrößen 10kg/bag

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