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Inorganic Skim Leveling Mortar is used as leveling before applying Stucco.


Aperçu du produit

Inorganic Skim levelling mortar is a polymer fortified, single component cement mortar which is specially designed for stucco system. It has good properties in repairing and leveling the substrates, and the white base color will help to keep the color uniformity of stucco.

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Caractéristiques et avantages

High bonding strength. Good waterproof impermeability. Good compatibility. Effectively inhibit efflorescence. Easy to use.

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Couleurs disponibles
Partie du système
Disponibilité par pays China, People's Republic of, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Korea, South, Macau, China, Mongolia, Taiwan, China
Supports appropriés
Dimensions de l’emballage 25kg/bag

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